Who we are

Autisans Ltd is a non profit educational charitable organisation seeking to provide artisan and traditional skills training and employment opportunities.

AboutKinmelHall.com is an initiative produced and managed by Autisans Ltd.

Autisans supports people affected by autism, disability or at risk of social isolation. We aim to help eligible applicants to access specialist artisan and life skills training and courses for those seeking to work in the conservation and ecology sectors.

Our Future Plans

We plan to research and develop a series of educational resources about historic buildings, people and heritage skills which can act as a useful resource for home educators, teachers and anyone interested in knowing more about them.

We aim to become a centre for learning artisan, conservation, ecology and life skills and we want to raise enough money to buy a former stately home which we will turn into a life skills centre whilst restoring the house and grounds to its former glory.

We want to to develop a life skills college with artisan, environmental and heritage skills and with social equality at its core. With this in mind we will continue to fundraise to build up enough money so we can buy Kinmel Hall (or a similar building) should it come up for sale again in the future.

The Autisans Skills Fund

We want people to be able to access training courses and experiential learning activities. We want people to be able to put these skills to use preserving and restoring heritage buildings and gardens whilst being able to earn an income.

To achieve this goal we will continue to fundraise for The Autisans Skills Fund which seeks to ensure no eligible applicant is prevented from attending skills training courses because of financial limitations.

Please Note:

Kinmel Hall is in private ownership. Autisans Ltd is not the owner of Kinmel Hall and does not have any connection with them. They have not been involved in producing this website. Any donations through this site are made to The Autisans Skills Fund.


Who owns Kinmel Hall?

Kinmel Hall was sold at auction by firm Allsop on May 13 2021 for £950,000. The identity of the buyer was not revealed but they are said to be local to Abergele.

Do your voluntary opportunities include working at Kinmel Hall?

Kinmel Hall is in private ownership and we have no connection with the owners. As such we cannot offer voluntary or experiential learning opportunities at Kinmel Hall.

What are my donations used for?

All donations go toward helping support the charitable programmes of Autisans Ltd and The Autisans Skills Fund.

What is The Autisans Skills Fund?

The Autisans Skills Fund seeks to ensure no eligible person is prevented from attending experiential learning and skills training courses because of financial limitations.

Why have you connected Kinmel Hall to your organisation?

We have produced a website about the history of this important building and its rich heritage so people can learn more about it, but we are not the owners.

Will you be producing other sites like this?

This is the first in what we hope will eventually become a useful network of resources for home educators, teachers and anyone wanting to learn new things.

How does this help autistic people and those with special needs?

It allows them to get involved and contribute to something meaningful which helps build confidence and skills even if they do not leave their house.

Why does Autisans not have a charity number?

Autisans is a not for profit social enterprise and charitable Company Limited by Guarantee so although it is similar to a charity, does not get a charity number.

Are there plans for Autisans to become a charity?

We are in the process of establishing a charity for the administration of grants through the Autisans Skills Fund.

What does the money from donations get spent on?

Autisans operates experiential learning programmes so donations and sponsorships help toward these costs and the planning and development of new ones.

Where can I find out more about Autisans?

You can find out more about Autisans Ltd and the work we do at the following website:

www.autisans.com (opens in new window)