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1946 - 1947 :: Hotel and Osteopathic Clinic

There is not a lot of information about the short period of time Kinmel Hall spent as a Hotel and Osteopathic Clinic. What is known is Dr and Mrs Lindley received the keys back to Kinmel Hall from the military in March 1946 but decided against reopening the Rheuma Spa.

At some point during 1946 Kinmel Hall was restored, possibly using financial compensation paid from the War Office for the damages during its time as a military hospital. Two american brothers,(Dr C L Johnson and Dr D Johnson), took over occupation. They were osteopaths with consulting rooms in Chester. It seems safe to assume they leased Kinmel Hall from the Lindleys.

The Johnsons turned Kinmel Hall into a hotel with Osteopathic Clinic and registered it as Rheuma Spa Limited (which had no connection with the previous Rheuma Spa of Wales). They also relaunched the Kinmel Hall Country Club and held parties with up to 500 guests.

A 1947 court case forced the closure of the hotel and clinic when Rheuma Spa Limited was fined for breaches of licensing laws and conditions preventing the Kinmel Hall Country Club from reopening for twelve months were imposed. Their venture had only lasted for around six months.

During this time however a visitor to Kinmel Hall had identified it as the perfect location for her School. She returned in winter 1947 and Kinmel Hall would be reborn as Clarendon School for Girls.