Kinmel School for Boys 1929-1934 Prospectus 1929-1934
Kinmel School for Boys 1929-1934 Prospectus 1929-1934

1929 - 1934 :: Kinmel School for Boys

Kinmel School for Boys opened on September 24th, 1929 with 43 boys and 7 teaching staff. It was advertised as having fees lower than generally charged with top quality education and food.

It provided a 5 year course which enabled boys aged 14-19 to proceed directly to commercial, industrial or agricultural posts as well as preparing them for entry into universities.

After completing the normal General Education course, boys specialised in Commerce, Engineering and technical subjects, Agriculture and Ecology subjects or in the Arts.

The impact of the 1929 Wall Street Crash sealed the future of Kinmel School for Boys. Many businessmen discovered they could no longer afford the fees. The school was closed at the end of 1934 and the remaining boys were transferred to Wrekin College in Shropshire.

Despite only operating for a short time, Kinmel School for Boys was a resounding success and was fondly remembered in later years by many of the boys who had attended there. It also had a lasting impact on the buildings with alterations to the stables and interior layout of the main house and which also laid the foundations for Clarendon School in years to come.