Portraits of Rev Edward Hughes of Kinmel Park and his wife Mary Hughes

1786-1815 :: Private Estate

1786 - 1801 Aquisition :: Edward & Mary Hughes

Edward Hughes (1738-1815) was a young curate who married Mary Lewis (1743-1835), the third and youngest daughter of his employer the Rector, Rev Robert Lewis. Over time their marriage would produce 3 sons and seven daughters and together they would found a dynasty.

The Lewis surname would be reflected in the middle name of their son William Lewis Hughes, most likely named after Mary's uncle William Lewis.

Portraits of William Lewis Hughes 1st Lord Dinorben and his children

1815-1852 Private House

1815 - 1852 Private House :: William Lewis Hughes

William Lewis Hughes (1767–1852) was born on the 10 November 1767 in Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales. He was the eldest son of Reverend Edward Hughes and Mary Hughes. His early years were spent in Greenfield Hall, Flint and he received a private education at Felsted School in Essex.

In 1786, When William was 19 years old, his father purchased the Kinmel Estate for his growing family and they moved into a house called Old Kinmel. In 1791 Rev Edward Hughes hired Samuel Wyatt to build them a new house deeper inside Kinmel Park.

About Kinmel Hall 1852-1911- Hugh Robert Hughes Portraits

1852 - 1911 Private House

1852 - 1911 Private House :: Hugh Robert Hughes (HRH)

Hugh Robert Hughes (1827-1911) inherited Kinmel Hall and the surrounding Kinmel Park along with huge wealth and land holdings when he was aged 25 in October 1852.

His cousin, the second Lord Dinorben who was disabled and unmarried with no children, had died at the age of just 32, not long after inheriting Kinmel Hall and its estates. The Kinmel Park Estate and its vast holdings, including Kinmel Hall passed to the nearest male relative.

Kinmel Hall Nesfield Entrance Hall and OverMantel 1874 to 1929

1911 - 1929 Private House

1911 - 1929 Private House :: Colonel Henry Hughes

Colonel Henry Bodvel Lewis Hughes (1864-1940) was the second son of Hugh Robert Hughes. He inherited Kinmel Hall at 46 years old following the death of his father on 29 April 1911.

His elder brother Hugh Seymour Bulkeley Hughes had previously been disinherited by their father following an affair with an actress which had caused some scandal.

Kinmel School for Boys 1929-1934 Prospectus 1929-1934

Kinmel Boys School

1929 - 1934 :: Kinmel School for Boys

Kinmel School for Boys opened on September 24th, 1929 with 43 boys and 7 teaching staff. It was advertised as having fees lower than generally charged with top quality education and food.

It provided a 5 year course which enabled boys aged 14-19 to proceed directly to commercial, industrial or agricultural posts as well as preparing them for entry into universities.

Kinmel Hall Rheuma Spa East Front 1936-1939

Rheuma Spa of Wales

1936 - 1939 :: Rheuma Spa of Wales

The closure of Kinmel School for boys in 1934 left Kinmel Hall empty. But Mrs Lindley, the owner and Principal of Lowther College School for Girls which was another school in nearby Bodelwyddan Castle wanted to retire with her husband Dr Linley (a Doctor of Music). She sold Lowther College and purchased Kinmel Hall in 1935.

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Military Hospital

1939 - 1945 :: Kinmel Military Hospital

The Kinmel Park Military Training camp was built in 1914 in the grounds of Kinmel Hall as a basic training facility. It took over a substantial area of parkland, and had its own branch railway line connecting to the main line at Foryd Station in Rhyl.

It contained a number of stores, a Post Office, a bakery, a cinema, and a number of churches. and included areas set aside for bayonet practice and trench fighting. A series of trenches were built both at Kinmel Park and in nearby Bodelwyddan Park.

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Osteopathic Clinic

1946 - 1947 :: Hotel and Osteopathic Clinic

There is not a lot of information about the short period of time Kinmel Hall spent as a Hotel and Osteopathic Clinic. What is known is Dr and Mrs Lindley received the keys back to Kinmel Hall from the military in March 1946 but decided against reopening the Rheuma Spa.

Clarendon School for Girls 1948-1975 West Front

Clarendon Girls School

1948-1975 :: Clarendon School for Girls

Clarendon School was founded in 1898 in Malvern by Miss Amy Flint and her two sisters in a house called Clarendon. The school began with just six pupils.

In 1917 they were joined by Miss E G R Swain. When Miss Flint and her sisters retired in 1930, Miss Swain borrowed the money and became the new owner and headmistress of Clarendon School with 48 pupils and 8 staff.

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Conference Centre

1979 - 1999 :: Christian Conference Centre

After the fire of 1975, Kinmel Hall was purchased by Major Fetherstonhaugh who was a descendent of the Hughes family. It remained derelict until an inspired visionary emerged.

Eddy Vince was an Evangelist Church Minister with a passion for old buildings. He carved out a business by restoring them to become Christian Conference and Youth Training Centres.

Kinmel Hall After Years of Neglect June 2021

Years of Neglect

1999 - 2021 :: Years of Neglect

Kinmel Hall became empty in 1999 and was eventually placed up for auction in 2001. The successful buyer planned to turn it into a luxury hotel but these plans never happened. It was again sold at auction in 2011 and remained empty for the longest period in its history.

Two decades of neglect resulted in decay and damage to the roof and guttering. This allowed water ingress and damp to the walls, causing the immense damage to interior walls and ceilings.