Make Cucumber Ice Cream - The Victorian Way

In this video Mrs Crocombe shows how to make cucumber ice cream the Victorian Way.

She includes the recipe and method so you can try making it yourself.

Duration/Time: 3:30


  • 120g sugar
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 large cucumber
  • Half a pint of water
  • 1 pint sweetened cream
  • Some ginger brandy (optional)
  • A little green food colouring


Peel and de-seed the cucumber, then chop it and cook it until tender in the water and sugar.

Whilst the cucumber is still warm, pound it to soften it a little, then add the green food colouring.

You can then add the brandy and lemon juice. The brandy is optional.

Sieve the mixture to remove any lumps, then add the sweetened cream.

Place some ice into a large bowl, then cover the ice in salt. Then place a smaller bowl on top, and add the cucumber mix inside.

Keep stirring the mixture, turning the bowl at the same time. Keep this going until your ice cream mixture has thickened.

You can then add your thick mixture to some moulds, or an ice cream tub and place it in the freezer.

After a few hours your ice cream will be ready.


You can use a modern ice cream maker or you can make one from a few big tins with lids.