Make Marmalade Water Ice - The Victorian Way

Mrs Crocombe shows how to make marmalade water ice - a simple Victorian dessert and a palate cleanser following a meal.

She includes the recipe and method so you can try making it yourself.

Duration/Time: 6:38


  • Marmalade (approx. 125g)
  • 1 small lemon
  • 500ml of water
  • Candied peel (for decoration)
  • Salt (for the ice)
  • Ice (for the sorbetière


To make the mixture, add a cup (approx. 125g) of marmalade and some lemon juice to a pan of boiling water (500ml) before stirring well. Let it cool before leaving it to chill.

Start to freeze the mixture using a sorbetière (ice cream maker). Pack ice all around the outside and sprinkle with salt as you go to help reduce the temperature of the ice.

Once the mixture is cool enough, pour it into the sorbetière. Keep it moving gently with a spoon, before placing the lid on and rotating the sorbetière a few turns every so often to help evenly lower the temperature of the mixture.

As the mixture starts to freeze into a water ice, be sure to give it a good stir.

Once the mixture has frozen, choose a suitable mould and spoon it in until the mould is full. Then, leave in an ice box to freeze.

Once frozen, gently turn out on to a plate and decorate as desired.


You can use a modern ice cream maker and jelly moulds if you do not have a sorbetière.